Halal markets are being driven by a fast growing $2 trillion global Muslim consumer market

Halal or Islamic economy being defined as:

“sectors whose core products/ services are structurally affected by Islamic ethics and law,”

driving the faith-inspired ethical consumption needs of the 1.9 billion Muslim consumers worldwide.


Nigeria is bolstering efforts in the halal economy, leading with halal food and Islamic finance sectors

Global Islamic Economy Indicator Score 2022

By Sector

Nigeria’s Halal economy opportunity is presented by both its domestic market as well as international trade opportunities

1. Strong Domestic Halal Market

2. International Halal Trade & FDI Opportunity

How Can You Benefit?

Our mission is to enable Nigeria’s Halal economy opportunity as a key enabler for the prosperity of Nigerians and their strong contribution to the world.

  • Deliver high-impact Nigeria Halal markets management consulting to all key Nigerian and international stakeholders.
  • Provide market intelligence on domestic and international Halal products and services to key Nigerian stakeholders.
  • Enable strengthening Nigeria’s core competencies through training, events, and protecting the industry players’ rights.
  • Support Nigeria’s industry growth through infrastructure financing and investments, access to Islamic finance, business
    planning, and marketing financial services.